Portone Ingresso Gianduja B&B

To reach Gabriella for info or reservations: Telephone: +393454176248 Email:

Gabriella is:

  • interior designer and soprano choir
  • curious and always on the search for particulars
  • loves music and has fun with do-it-yourself projects
  • happy to learn about cultures and traditions through hosting at her house

Languages known: Italian: a bit chatty English: a bit rocky but stays afloat.


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Gianduja is astute and brave, maybe a bit fanciful at times, but always with a clear goal. In those trying but vibrant years, Gianduja began to put on plays with a liberal-democratic bent for the Piedmontese. “it doesn’t need any implications nor pay respect to the upper class”. His plays were intransigent and frank about their king. “This represents the people and the other plays are simply a caricature of the people”. Therefere he is more of a symbol than a puppeteer. By his side is the alluring and beautiful Giacometta, his wife, there to share the good times and support in hard times.