GIANDUJA B&B takes the name of the Piedmontese carnival mascot. The symbol of Gianduja represents the Piedmontese personality. People who have solid roots in the land and culture; possessing good qualities such as, brotherhood, humanity, and sharp wit.

In the spirit of this famous figure, we created Gianduja B&B following these principles: lightheartedness, elegance, good taste with roots in this marvelous city. We can direct you to the most interesting and frequented locales and events.


....'Ai cascrà la Mole e Palass Madama, e Gianduja a sarà sempre viv përchè l’anima ‘d nòstr Piemônt a peul nen muire'......

The Mole and Madama Palace may fall but Gianduja lives on because our Piedmontese soul will never die

GIANDUJA B&B is located on the ninth and last floor of a 50’s era building (with lift). Placed in Corso Degli Abruzzi 48, it’s found in the centre of the Crocetta neighborhood; one of the most elegant and calm parts of Turin.

In the recently renovated GIANDUJA B&B, Gabriella has retained the elegant 50’s era decor, matching the preexisting motif and leaving intact the original furniture. All rooms are fully furnished. The entrance leads directly to the sizeable and well-lit living room with a fantastic view of the Turin hills and most important monuments of the city. It has access to a wide balcony where, time permitting, you can enjoy your breakfast. The living room is divided in a reading section and a breakfast section in which, every morning local and seasonal products are served.