Gianduja B&B

Corso Duca Degli Abruzzi, 48 10129 Turin, Italy phone +39 345 4176248

Gianduja B&B: Situated in the Crocetta neighborhodd, downtown, outside of the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), is easily reachable by car or public transit.

Close to the Polytechnic University, the GAM (Modern Art Gallery) and the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations. Just a few minutes from the historical city centre with convenient public transit nearby.

Ideal for those who are visiting on business, vacation or to study.

We are located near the principal points of interest of the city.

To understand how to get around most conveniently, we recommend you use this application from the Public Transit service.It is constanly updated.


Traditionally, many to dress up as Gianduja during carnival. Lighthearted and joyful, the people embody the ‘typical’ Piedmontese gentleman: he is brave, prudent with good tendencies, and devoted to his inseparable wife Giacometta who accompanies him in the richly coreographed dances, especially in charity drives and volunteer events. The week before the Lent, Giandujas visit the infirm, youth hospitals, and shelters ditributing the typically round and flat candies wrapped in hexagonal shaped little cartons which carry the profile in relief of this figure, always with the tricorn, symbol from the 19th century Piedmontese army to whom Italy owes it’s unity.